Betsy Tanner, Esq. Greenville, SC, adoption attorney
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Our Services

Betsy Tanner is able to provide legal advocacy for families seeking to adopt through:

Domestic adoption

In a domestic adoption—that is, adoption of children from within the United States—the child and adoptive parents may already have a connection (though family or acquaintances), or they may be connected through a third party, such as an agency. Common types of domestic adoption include:

  • Infant adoption
  • Older child (3 years old and up) adoption
  • Adoption by stepparents
  • Adoption by grandparents

International adoption

Adopting children from countries outside of the United States usually requires the help of an international adoption agency. International adoption often involves different legal considerations than domestic adoption since it deals with the laws of more than one nation.

Foster care adoptions

Children adopted through a state agency (such as the Department of Social Services) have been removed from their biological families for reasons that may include abuse or neglect. Many times these children (ranging in age from infant to 18) spend time in temporary family care situations, or foster families. Children whose biological parents have had their rights terminated may be available for their foster parents to adopt.

Even in cases in which you are working through a public or private agency, you will need an attorney to represent you during the court stage of the adoption. Betsy will be able to guide you through this step in the adoptive journey.


If you aren’t sure which kind of agency is right for you, or would like to learn more about the adoption process, call Betsy for a free consultation at 864-228-7808.